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Here at Wilkinson Legal, we offer bankruptcy services to assist people in managing their overwhelming debt and achieve a financially sound life. No one deserves to receive harassing phone calls from creditors or have their wages garnished. Our attorneys are here to guide people through the process of determining their options and executing a plan to eliminate their financial problems.

Bankruptcy is one option for people to consider when trying to reclaim their financial stability. To determine if you are eligible for bankruptcy and to receive an individualized assessment of your financial situation, please contact us today. This is your first step towards returning to financial sound and a debt free life.

Types of Bankruptcy:

Chapter 7
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps you liquidate assets in order to pay off creditors, which can typically be handled in 6 months. However, Utah bankruptcy laws typically allow people to keep their assets in Chapter 7.
Chapter 13
  • A Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps protect your assets by requesting adjustments in your payment terms with creditors, to negotiate more favorable terms over a period of years. Having a qualified attorney is important for you to protect the assets you can while still eliminating your debts.

The Bankruptcy Process:

Step 1
  • During the bankruptcy process, your attorney serves as your representative both for the courts and creditors.
Step 2
  • We will request an automatic stay on your behalf, which prevents creditors from garnishing your wages and having your home fall into foreclosure.
Step 3
  • Our bankruptcy services can help protect your credit and even improve your credit situation.
Step 4
  • We go one step further to protect you. We fight back against creditors that are harassing you and violating the law.

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Our team of lawyers is here to protect your right and help you navigate your way through the tough situations in life. We have the skills and experience to provide swift and effective representation in whatever legal predicament you might find yourself in.

We are ready to make sure that your right are protected when you have been charged with a crime, by providing an aggressive defense on your behalf to quickly resolve the issue. Our bankruptcy lawyers have a strong understanding of the bankruptcy laws and the necessary compassion to get you through the bankruptcy process quickly and in a confidential manner.

Our attorneys are also ready to help you with all your other legal needs including bankruptcy,  personal , injury, and estate planning needs. With Wilkinson Legal on your side you can be assured that you will have a Legal Hero fighting for you and your rights.


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